Adagio holidays - Explore the world gently

Explore your surroundings…
…in the most relaxing way imaginable… on foot

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Holidays with character

At Adagio we really look forward to our holidays. We like wandering the backstreets, savouring the local food, staying in a hotel with jasmine round the windows. We like strolling to remote coves and sharing amazing views with other people. We don’t like rushing around. We're on holiday, and we want to enjoy ourselves. On this website you'll find holidays that we like, and we are sure you will like them too.

Hotels & Food

We like hotels with character. For us it's the welcome and atmosphere that are important. As for food… well, that's what you travel for, isn't it? We aim to seek out flavoursome local food wherever we stay, whether in our hotel or local restaurants.

What's included?

All our holidays include flights, airport transfers, your Adagio Specialist, breakfast and most (if not all) dinners and the occasional lunch. We include as many of the local travel costs, entrance fees and local guides as we can, but allow for some flexibility.

Leisurely walking… leisurely sightseeing

There are no two ways about it; seeing the world from a coach window is only one step removed from watching it on TV. On our holidays we like to get closer - that's how you create memories that linger. Amble through a vineyard, then taste the wine. Buy your olives and bread at the morning market, and eat them by the lake. Take the cog-wheel train up the mountain, then wander through alpine meadows, full of flowers and the sound of cow bells.

A stroll here, an amble there, with time to discover, chat and enjoy.

Groups & Adagio Specialists

Our Adagio Specialists will accompany you throughout the holiday. They are all experienced travellers with a love and knowledge of the places you will visit. They are well-organised, pay great attention to detail and enjoy being with people. They turn a good holiday into a great one.

Whether it's a glass of wine, a Renaissance garden or a magnificent view, sharing the experience with other people simply makes it better. Our groups are normally in the range of 12 to 18 people. Singles, couples, friends… all are welcome.


For each holiday we provide a carefully worked out proposed itinerary. Whilst we will do our best to make sure that everything we mention is included, the order in which we do things might change, owing to local conditions. And if you want to do your own thing at any time, that's also fine.